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The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is located in west-central Africa and is the third largest country in the African continent, occupying approximately 2.3 million square kilometres.

The capital of the country is Kinshasa, which is located in the west of the country, on the Congo River. The population of the DRC is approximately 65 million people. The official language is French, although Lingala, Kingwana, Kikongo and Tshiluba are also spoken.

The political situation in the DRC has improved significantly in recent years, and in 2006 the country held its first free elections in more than 40 years.



The economy of the DRC has historically been dominated by its resource sector. The copper belt region of the country, in the southern province of Katanga, is renowned as one of the richest mineral regions of the world. The DRC-Zambian copper belt is the fourth largest global copper reserve, and has copper grades among the world’s highest, averaging between 2.5%-5% copper.

Diamonds, copper and cobalt are the principal foreign exchange-earning exports for the country.

The economic conditions of the DRC are improving as a result of improved political stability in the country. Leading this economic growth is the mining sector, especially in Katanga Province, where Tiger has its operations.

The DRC became a member of the Organisation pour l'harmonisation en Afrique du droit des Affaires (Organisation for Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa) in 2012. The organisation has 17 member countries and provides for a uniform system of business law in areas such as accounting systems and arbitration.